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Confess your feelings anonymously

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    We recently launch a confession website to my fellows waray-non and some bisaya brothers and sister. This confession site is exclusive only in Region 8 and you don`t  need to be afraid because you can confess without putting your personal details.

    We have created for you to confess all the secrets you don’t want to keep hidden anymore. Feel free to do it anonymously on our website. 

    Confessions are viewable upon submission. However, they are subject to review by our moderator(s). Submission rules are as follow:

    • Do not threaten the lives of others, or your own.
    • Do not lie, tell us myths, or something you read elsewhere.
    • Do not submit full names, identifiable faces, contact information, or website addresses.
    • Do not post plans of how you will or others should bodily harm someone else.

    *If a confession does not follow one of the mentioned rules, the submission will be corrected to meet Website standards. Submissions that have broken too many of the rules will be rejected and not displayed on our website.*

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    Hello Everyone,

    We would like to inform you that we stop supporting this site since we are lacking of funds.Hopefully we can lunch the same feature on our site in the future.


    Sincerely yours,

    Clinton Canarias

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